About ADIDAS | The Brand

About ADIDAS | The Brand


The adidas brand has a long history & deep-rooted connection with sport. It’s broad & diverse portfolio in both the Sport Performance & Sport inspired categories ranges from major global sports to regional grass-roots events & local sneaker culture. This has enabled adidas to transcend cultures & become one of the most recognised, credible, & iconic brands both on & off field.

What we ❤️  about ADIDAS

We love that adidas strives to provide the best sportswear in a sustainable way. Adidas has a strong environmental focus & has developed an approach to address their carbon footprint, water efficiency & quality as well as commitment to steadily increasing the use of sustainable materials in their production.

Adidas got its start in Bavaria, Germany. After starting out in his mother’s wash kitchen, Adi Dassler registered the ‘Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik’ in 1924 & embarked on his mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment.

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