About City Collection | The Brand

About City Collection | The Brand

City Collection is a premium specialist shirt brand catering to both the Corporate & Healthcare industries.

City Collection garments are of uniformly high standard & offer exceptional value for money. The majority of our Health & Aged Care as well as our Corporate clients choose City Collection shirts & tops for their quality & longevity.

What we ❤️  about City Collection


We love that most of the ladies shirts go up to size 30, this makes fitting out a large group very easy. The range of knit tops is also very popular for those wanting to take a step down from a business shirt but still maintain a professional image.

The Ezylin shirt is one of the most popular shirts from this collection especially for the Health & Aged Care industry. The lightweight feel of the fabric combined with extended sizing runs & multiple fit options have made the City Collection Ezylin a true winner year after year.

To see the entire City Collection range click here.

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  • Selena Kemp