About Halfar | The Brand

About Halfar | The Brand

About Halfar

As one of Europe’s leading bag suppliers, Halfar combines experience with new & innovative eco-friendly production methods. Halfar prides itself on being organic, fairtrade & recycled, using plastic bottles & pre-recycled cotton to help create many of their products.

What we ❤️  about Halfar

Halfar bags come in many different styles, from your traditional backpack & satchel to newer styles like the Mono Strap Backpack & the Solution Shopper. These bags are designed to last & Halfar’s years of experience & quality materials make sure of that.

Since 1986 Halfar have been developing, producing & distributing bags with great passion. As a result, Halfar bags represent exceptional quality, style & function.

When it comes to special, technical & device bags, Halfar is one of Europe's leading suppliers. If you want to offer your clients a top quality bag that they'll not only value but cherish for years to come then you can't go past the Halfar range.

Click here to check out the Halfar premium bag range.

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