About Inivi | The Brand

About Inivi | The Brand

The Inivi range offers a premium collection of caps & hats, ideal for those who want all the emphasis on their branding. Traditional caps generally have a centre seam which can interfere with branding. The Inivi range solves that problem. The removal of the centre seam offers greater, unobstructed branding potential.

The Inivi premium cap range boasts smooth & flat surfaces on all styles to ensure interrupted branding zones. Ensuring your branding will be shaper & clearer without the interference of the standard centre seam.

With the absence of the centre seam all the focus in on your branding!

What we ❤️ about Inivi

The Inivi range is our favourite for embroidering & printing logos on caps. The surface provides a clean & crisp outcome, ensuring the branding pops! We especially love the deep bucket hat. It's one of the few in the market that doesn't require artwork to be adjusted to fit the limited branding space typically available on traditional bucket hats. In fact the deep bucket hat allows the same branding size as a regular cap! What's not to love? ❤️

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  • Selena Kemp