Speak with us on this number | 03 9555 7797

Monday to Thursday | 9am - 5pm

Friday | 9am - 1pm

Saturday & Sunday | Closed

We roll with Australian Eastern Standard & Daylight Savings Times. 
Oh & don't forget, we're closed on weekends & all Melbourne & Victorian Public Holidays.

Email us here |  info@houseofuniforms.com.au

Now, a quick note : If you shoot us an email during our business hours, you can expect a reply within about 6 hours. If you don't see our reply in that time frame, go ahead & give us a call. Your email might have taken a detour through cyberspace.

Visit us in person here | 4 Walter Street, Moorabbin (that’s in Melbourne), Victoria 3189, Australia

Super Important | If you're planning to swing by the showroom to check out our awesome stuff, try things on, or get some branding tips, just know that appointments are the name of the game. We like to keep things organised & ensure there is someone available to help you! 

If you're just popping by to pick up a completed order & don't need any extra help, an appointment is not needed.

To snag a spot in our showroom, hit the link below. But fair warning, our showroom gets pretty busy, it’s usually booked out 2 - 3 days in advance. So, last-minute, same-day bookings are like finding a unicorn, basically impossible.

Click here to make a booking

Oh & just a heads-up, we're all about using our website for bookings. 

Our Customer Service Maestro, Barbara runs a tight ship when it comes to bookings.

Unfortunately she gets very upset if someone from our customer service team tries to take bookings over the phone or through an email. 

Trust us you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Barbara! She might look friendly but she has been known to bite! So please use our website to make your booking. It’s super fast & easy & helps us to help you get the most out of your appointment. By ensuring we have the items you want to see & the right team members available to assist you.

So click here to make a booking.

A Quick Overview of Our Showroom

Our reception area is your go-to spot for order pick-up, but it's not our stock warehouse. 

Our showroom is your go to spot for deep diving into product & branding selection (by appointment), but it’s also not our stock warehouse.

So just a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to book a spot in our showroom.

  • Appointments make the magic happen, so don't forget to book!
  • We are a showroom with a handpicked collection of over 3,000 samples.
  • While we'd love to have samples of every style, size & colour, it's basically not possible.
  • If you're ordering something in person over the counter, our typical pick & pack lead times still apply.
  • Your order can be collected or sent out to you, following our usual pick and pack lead times.
  • If you want to purchase something & take it home right away following your appointment, it’s unlikely that this will be a possibility. But feel free to check with our Customer Service team before your appointment just in case they can work some magic.
  • Yes, businesses, teams & clubs are welcome to borrow samples from the showroom
  • Yeswe offer branding services 
  • Yes, we cater to businesses, teams, groups, clubs & even individuals. 
  • No, you don’t need an ABN to purchase from us. 
  • Yep, everyone's welcome!

So get in touch whenever you're ready. We're here to help!

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