Exciting News for Urgent Branded Orders

Guess what?
 We've got you covered when it comes to urgent branded orders! Our branding is handled in house so we can easily bribe the production team with treats to get your job pushed through faster for an event or super important deadline. 

Just so we're on the same page, an urgent branded order is any order that needs to be completed faster than our standard lead times, usually for an event or time critical situation…not because you don’t want to wait & just want to jump the queue!

Now, here's the scoop, urgent orders usually come with an extra charge. But don't worry, we'll have a chat about this before we proceed. This fee varies based on what’s required, how fast it’s needed & how many people from our production team have to work back late or come in early to achieve your timeline. 

We're totally on board with helping you out on urgent orders, but if you could take a moment to consider our production team, that would be awesome. They're the real heroes who clock in early, clock out late & even skip dinner plans to make sure your urgent order is ready on time.

Here's the thing, they put in all that effort & then sometimes we see orders hanging out in our warehouse for a week or two, after the “I need it by this date, please, please, please, it’s super urgent & I’ll get fired if it’s not ready” date, waiting for the invoice to be paid.

You can imagine that this doesn't exactly keep the team's spirits high. And yes, sometimes they cry!

We think you’ll agree, it’s not the coolest move to have our production team go above & beyond, only to have your order sitting around gathering dust for weeks on end. Plus, it kind of sets a not-so-great vibe for any future "urgent orders" that you might have in mind. See the production team has a little black book detailing those who have wronged them & believe us when we say, you don’t want to end up in there!

So, if you can help us keep the production team happy by settling your invoice balance pronto they'll definitely have your back for any time critical orders you may need down the track.