How to create uniforms & merchandise

Create uniforms & merchandise that attracts customers


A Step by Step Guide to Creating Uniforms & Merchandise that Attracts Customers

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Step 1. Describe your brand


Step 1. Describe your brand

You need to know what your brand is all about & the type of customer you want to attract…

Which is why you'll want to learn about the basics in our article: Brands & Marketing Explained.


Step 2. Select the right products


Step 2. Select the Right Products 

This next step is all about the practicalities. If you are a manager of an ongoing uniform program or responsible for a large staff fit out, this is a must read.

Checkout the article : The Buying Process Explained.


Step 3. Customise with branding


Step 3. Customise with Branding

The final step is concerned with getting your artwork onto the products. It covers off the artwork design, the placement & the pros & cons of the branding methods themselves.

Read : Branding Methods & Process


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