Picking & Packing | Lead Times to Shipment explained

$14.85 inc gst | Flat Rate Shipping & Handling.

We have one fee & one speed (as fast as we can). 
How fast? Read about Lead Times below.

Our picking & packing lead time is the time between when you place your order & when we send it out

The countdown kicks off as soon as we receive your order & payment or if your order includes custom branding, once you've given us the thumbs up in writing for any branding quotes &/or branding samples / mockups.

Naturally, this lead time does not include the time it takes for your order to travel from our doorstep to yours. That bit will vary depending on where you're located.

Our range has several pick & pack lead times specific to individual products. This leadtime is indicated on the individual product page directly above the “Add to Cart Button”. You will also be reminded of these pick & pack leadtimes when you proceed to check out, before you submit your cart. 

Items marked Rapid | without branding, typically* ship out to you within 1 business day (as above this is a product specific leadtime not something you can request).

Items marked Standard | without branding, typically* ship out to you within 3 - 7 business days.

Items marked Standardwith branding, typically* ship to out you within 10 - 15 business days.

If you’ve spotted products marked with "International Direct" on the product page, then these items need a bit of extra time. Dispatched from international warehouses located all over the world these products make their way to us via air.

This service gives you access to a much wider range of styles, sizes & colours then you might usually find locally. However the catch is, this service takes a little bit longer compared to our standard delivery items.

Items that are part of the International Direct service come from International Warehouses to us & then we ship them on to you. So you will receive a tracking number from us when your order has left us.

Items marked International Direct | without branding typically* ship out to you within 10 - 15 business days.

Items marked International Direct | with branding typically* ship out to you within 15 - 20 business days.

If your order contains multiple products, with different pick & pack lead times indicated, your order will be held until all items are ready to go.

For example if your order contains 1 item marked as “rapid” & 1 item marked as “international” your entire order will be shipped as one under the “International Direct'' pick & pack lead time.

If you wish to receive a split shipment, i.e. all “rapid” items now followed by all “International” items once they arrive you are welcome to shoot us an email requesting this.

However please keep in mind this will require an additional freight fee of $14.85 as you will then be receiving 2 shipments from us.

The Warehouse Team | How They Work

Our Warehouse Overlord Manager Max is all about getting your order out pronto. Max spends his day making sure the rest of the Warehouse team don’t ever leave completed orders hanging about. If your order is good to go, Max is giving it the thumbs up & it’s on the way without delay. 

We have daily, morning & afternoon courier pickups to ensure orders stay on the move. It’s no coffee breaks for the warehouse team until Max waves goodbye to the last order!

*Please keep in mind that the lead times above are the norm for 99% of orders. But, unfortunately there may be times when, despite our best efforts, things don't go as planned. Common sources of delays include PayPal needing extra time to verify your payment, public holidays, issues in the transport industry, courier delays, unexpected weather, road accidents, higher than usual freight volumes across the network, just to name a few.

We try our best to keep you posted should delays pop up, but usually we're in the dark until they actually happen. Our goal is to make things as smooth as possible for you but unfortunately we are not psychic, so we can’t predict in advance when delays will occur. We can only work to resolve them once we are aware of them.

Exciting News for Urgent Branded Orders | click here to get the scoop

Let's Talk Order Pick-Ups

If you're the "let's pick it up" type, no worries! You can totally swing by & collect your order in person, once you’ve received the nod from our customer service team that it's all set to go.

If you're ordering via the website simply add the code  collecting.it.myself.from.you as you check out & poof, no freight charges. But remember, only use this code if you plan to grab your order in person from our office in Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189.

You’ll find us at 4 Walter Street, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189.

Our collection hours :

Monday to Thursday : 8:30am - 5pm
Friday : 8:30am - 1pm

You can also send your very own courier to pick up the order if that floats your boat. Just let us know when you place your order so we can let our warehouse team know what’s going on.

One thing to keep in mind | The address above is where you can collect your order, not the magical warehouse where all the stock lives. Your order still needs to go through the picking & packing tango before it's ready for pick-up.

Our customer service team will be super excited to let you know when your order is good to go. Just keep an eye on your inbox & refer to the delivery lead times we outlined earlier to get an idea of when that email will arrive.

Don’t forget to check your spam / junk folder, sometimes emails end up there by mistake. 

Oh, & a quick heads-upPlease hold off on swinging by to collect your order until we've given you the green light via email. We wouldn't want you to be disappointed if you turn up early & your order isn’t ready.

Last little detail | Weekends & public holidays are all about chilling, so we won't be processing orders, shipping or offering pick-ups during those times. We need R&R too!

Shipping | Within Australia

When it comes to shipping within Australia, for web-based orders, we like to keep things simple. We offer flat rate shipping (there is only one shipping option to select). We will ship your order via Express Post or Star Track Express depending on your location. 

"Express" refers to the service that Australia Post / Star Track calls the delivery method they offer to deliver your item. This does not refer to our pick and pack leadtime which is detailed above.

If you're thinking, "Ship it to me," then $14.85 is what you’ll pay for shipping within Australia, when you place your order on our website. Don't worry, this amount will pop up in your cart as you go through the checkout process.

Now, if you're in the mood to swing by & pick up your order, you totally can. Just pop in the code collecting.it.myself.from.you as you check out & poof, no freight charges for you. But remember, only use this code if you plan to grab your order in person from our office in Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189.

If you've chosen the "Ship it to me" option, once your order sets off expect a nifty shipment notification with a tracking number in your inbox. 

Pro tip | check your spam or junk folder, as these sorts of emails sometimes take a detour there.

Need to keep tabs on your package? That tracking number email has all the details, including the carrier's phone number for you to get in touch. Once it's out our door, unfortunately, we don’t control the journey, but don't worry, you can track it yourself through the emailed link.

If you need to chase after your package, your best bet is to give the carrier a buzz directly. They’ll have the most accurate info & can help with delivery updates or any hiccups including redelivery.

Just a note on order & package tracking apps | We don’t share data with these apps. So it’s likely that they will often not provide entirely accurate information.

Often they may show your package has been “shipped” but show no further information such as a tracking number. This is because the app doesn’t actually know if your order has been shipped or not because we don’t share the data.

The way to know if your order has been shipped is when you receive an email directly from us telling you it has been shipped. This email will include the tracking number so you can track your delivery.

We have no control over the information provided to you by 3rd party delivery management apps.

Shipping Outside Australia

For everyone outside of Australia, we've got you covered as well! We use Express Post for NZ, DHL for the Pacific Islands & the rest of Oceania & trusty FedEx for Europe & the Americas.

Now, if you're not located in Australia or New Zealand, we'll sort you out with an international freight quote before we hit the "process" button on your order.


Our freight comes with a side of tracking, so you can follow the journey. 

Once your package has landed, you'll find a POD (proof of delivery) hanging out with the tracking ID. We take that as proof your order made it to you. Sorry, but we don't resend or refund orders if there’s a signed POD saying you received the delivery.

If you request an ATL (Authority to Leave), the carrier will drop the package as you've requested. The POD will have “ATL” as the signature. This means you've given the nod for your package to be left all alone, unattended. In this case, we won’t take the blame for lost packages, through errors, omissions or porch pirates.

The ATL is our sign that delivery happened. Case closed. This is why we don’t recommend ATL’s.

Free Freight Coupons & Other Offers

Every now & then, we're feeling generous with free or discounted freight codes, coupons, or special offers. Just a heads-up, these codes only work if you've hit the minimum order value for that specific promo. They're not available all the time & usually will be time & use limited. You’ll need the special code for them to work their magic. Sorry, but our Customer Service team is unable to hand out these codes willy-nilly. 

Codes are tightly controlled by the Mavis & the rest of the Department of Propaganda, AKA “The Marketing Team” who keep them locked down in their secret vault!