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How we work

House of Uniforms is primarily a provider of custom branded clothing, headwear & merchandise.

Most of our clients are brands, businesses & other organisations, however over time we have grown to accommodate retail customers, the selling of unbranded gear & doing range development. 

Retail Clients (Buying for yourself)

You do not need to be a business or have an ABN to purchase from us.

We have many clients who come to us annually to purchase a "work wardrobe" just for themselves.

You are welcome to make a time to visit our showroom if you would like to have a look at our ranges or you can simply order through the website as needed.

Please keep in mind that although our showroom has over 3,000 garment samples on hand we do not have samples of every garment, in every size & colour.

If you are wanting to see something specific please check with us beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Please keep in mind that we're not a traditional clothing retailer & as such our lead times & returns policies may be different to what you are familiar with.

Business Clients - (bulk & infrequent ordering)

A lot of our clients fall into this category. We deal with business of all sizes from small owner operator businesses to large companies with offices worldwide.

If you are a business looking to outfit your team we strongly encourage you to visit our showroom (by appointment) to see all available options across garments, headwear, promotional products & branding methods.

Coming into our showroom is the best way to get things sorted quickly & easily. Unfortunately due to the size of our offering we do not have any reps on the road. All our sales & customer service team are office based.

For businesses not based near our showroom we do provide a sample loan service where we can send you items on a loan basis from our showroom for review. Please contact us for more details about our sample garment loan service.

Business Clients - (daily, weekly or monthly ordering)

We're not above tooting our own horn, so I'm going to assure you that we're pretty slick at this sort of thing.

For these customers, it's all about admin, organisation & process. It gets sorted out properly at the start, then no one has to worry about it again.

If you haven't already done so please view our 3 Simple Steps process & make sure to grab a copy of Ultimate Buyers Guide. This guide is especially handy for people like you.

If you have ongoing repeat ordering requirements, we offer a number of free value add services as well as a favorable discount structure for eligible businesses.

Clubs & Organisations - (Buying for a club or team to sell to raise money)

If you are a club or a team who purchases branded items to resell to members or supporters to raise money for your club or team please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Not only will we help you get awesome branded products but also ones that you'll actually sell.

In most instances we will be able to offer you a discount to help with your fundraising efforts.

Starting your own brand

We have many clients who come to us to create & brand items for their own label.

You might have a great tee shirt design that you want to print & sell. Maybe you've got a fun idea for a hoodie print that your friends have told you they will buy.

We can assist you with whatever you need. We're also happy to pr
ovide advice on how to get started.

Branding things just for fun

Maybe you've been tasked with organising your best friends bucks party, maybe you're the maid of honor & have to nail the hens night, maybe your office has charged you with organising the uniforms & merchandise for the next fun run or team building activity.

Regardless of the reason, if you need to brand something just for fun contact us & we'll discuss the possibilities. 

Bringing your own garments for branding

As we complete all our branding in house we are often asked if people can bring their own garments to get branded by us either as a stand alone order or as a handful of garments to include with a larger order. The short answer is yes, you can bring your own garments, but please keep in mind the following:

- Branding minimums still need to be met, ie. you can't just bring in 1 tee shirt & get your logo added.

- The normal lead times still apply. Bringing your own garments doesn't speed up the production process.

- Garments must be new & unworn. Due to health, safety & hygiene our production team won't brand items which are dirty, smell or look worn.

- There is a BYO service fee for those who are entirely supplying their own garments. This will be included on your quote.

- Our Production Manager has final say over what garments we will accept. Unfortunately, some garments purchased in the retail world can cause damage to our machines & therefore cannot branded by us.

- We don't brand on BYO garments that can be purchased directly from us. 

- Full terms & conditions about BYO garments will be outlined on your quote for approval.