Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of Returns & Exchanges…

Feeling a change of heart after a purchase? No worries, most times you can switch things up by exchanging the item for a different style, size, colour or even product. 

But heads up, refunds aren't our thing if you're just having a change of heart / mind.

Here's how it works
| Once we get your returned item back, we'll fire over a unique website code via email. This code is the key to unlocking your store credit. You can use it on anything you fancy from our website.

There’s no rush to use the code so you can take your time, it only expires once you've used it.

To make an exchange, simply send the item back to us. Toss in a note with your name so we can match it up with your order & whip up that credit code just for you.


✅  Exchange Ready Items :

  • Should come back to us within 14 days of you having received them
  • Should be rocking their original vibes (unused, unworn, unwashed & no funky stuff like makeup, pet hair, or cigarette smoke etc).
  • All the original tags should still be there & they should be hanging out in their original product packaging.
  • Obviously they can't be branded with a business logo or your name.
  • Basically, the item should be in "like new" condition, as it was when it was shipped to you.


❌  Not Exchange Material : 

  • Custom branded products (sorry we can’t do anything with it once it has your name or logo on it)
  • Headwear, Socks & underwear (there’s some health & hygiene considerations here)
  • Items marked as being on clearance (this will be noted on the product description page)
  • Just a quick note : If you're exchanging 5 or more items, there's a bulk restocking fee of $27.50, including GST, for each brand. This amount gets deducted from your credit.


Let's Define Change of Mind | If you're having second thoughts about the product, it's all good! Maybe the colour's not vibing, the style's not your jam, or you've picked the wrong size. Basically, change of mind is when you decide the product isn't your cup of tea, for whatever reason.

This also extends to a whole range of other “
excuses” or "reasons", like “it scared my dog”, “I was drunk when I ordered it”, "it was midnight when I ordered and I couldn't see properly", "your website entered my card details without my knowledge & pressed checkout", “my cat pressed enter on the keyboard & accidentally ordered it”, “I’m going overseas tomorrow & thought if I ordered it at 2am on Sunday night it would be delivered by 9am Monday morning”, “I quit my job”, “it doesn’t match my hair”, “I thought I would lose weight but I didn’t”, “I ate too much Banana Cake during Covid & it doesn’t fit”, “I’m joining a nudist colony so have no need for clothes anymore”... you get the gist (yes, these are all real life examples of things we’ve been told..except for maybe the last one!)

Barbara, our Customer Service Maestro is a seasoned professional, she's heard it all before. Whilst she’s trained the customer service team to help you out as best they can, there are limits to what can be done, especially when we get the feeling that the truth might be being stretched, just a little bit.

This also extends to "cancellations". Unfortunately we can not cancel your order once you hit submit on the website. Once you've done this your order is live in our system & much like a bullet train it's almost impossible to stop. So please check your cart carefully before you hit submit.

If you need to change something on your order such as size, colour, delivery address etc please email us pronto! Let us know what changes need to be made & we'll do our best to make it happen. We do require that requests to change web orders are made in writing so we can keep track of things, so it's best to email rather than call.

The best email is info@houseofuniforms.com.au and it also helps if you can provide your order number to help us locate your order.

A Quick Chat About Unboxing & Reboxing |
We understand that you'll no doubt be excited to receive your delivery from us. But please be
 careful when you're unboxing your goodies to avoid any mishaps, especially with sharp, pointy tools, like scissors & knives.

We're all about tracking, so sending stuff back with a tracking method is like adding a GPS to your package. If we don’t get it back & you don’t know where it’s gone we can’t process your exchange.

When your return lands with us, give us about 5 business days to work our magic. Once it's processed, our customer service team will sling shot that credit code into your inbox.

Keep in mind you will need to be logged into our website, under the email address you registered with, for your code to work. Your code is unique to you.

New goodies can only start their journey to you once the returned items are back, processed & have been given the "thumbs-up" by our returns team.

Oh, & just a heads-up
 | we don't cover freight fees for sending returned items back to us for exchange.

Problems with Returns | If, in our opinion, the return isn't totally on board with the terms above, for Exchange Ready Items, we'll drop you a line & discuss the options with you.

We also keep an eye on individual return patterns for any funny business. If returns start to seem a bit too frequent, we might need to pump the brakes.

Faulty Products | If you snag a product you think is faulty, reach out to us via phone or email. Our customer service team will help sort it out.

To get the lowdown, they might ask you to email through detailed photos of the issue. We'll compare these with pre-shipment photos of your order. If things are still unclear, we might ask you to send the product back for a closer look.

If we confirm the defect looks legit, we'll fix or replace the product in a jiffy.

And here's the kicker | None of this info messes with your statutory rights under Australian Consumer Law. We're still keeping things legal!
Feel free to head over to the ACCC website if you need more information.

Abuse Alert | We get that solving problems can be a challenge for some, but let's keep it cool. Our customer service team is here to help, but they won't be able to assist if things get heated or ugly, whether on the phone, in person, on the email or on social media. Let's keep it friendly!