How Uniforms Can Benefit Your Business

How Uniforms Can Benefit Your Business

It's a big world out there with many business competing for space in the same market. How you're perceived by your customers will in many ways determine your success. Uniforms are a key component of that perception. So keep reading to see how uniforms could benefit your business.

1. Reinforces brand identity

Both the branding on your garments & the entire aesthetic of your uniforms can help to communicate your company's desired image. Whether you want to be perceived as approachable, authoritative, formal, casual etc. uniforms can help to project this to both prospective & existing customers.  

2. Provides a clear picture of who works for the business

As a customer, there is nothing worse than walking into a shop & not being able to tell the difference between the people who work there & other shoppers - uniforms eliminate this confusion.

The ability to differentiate between those who work for a business & those who don’t can also work as a security measure as you will be able to tell if people are somewhere they shouldn’t be or are doing something they shouldn’t.

3. Provides control over company image

Not only will uniforms help to create a professional image, they will also work to ensure those who don’t entirely understand what’s appropriate work attire are well dressed & present your company or team in the best possible light.

Furthermore, if staff like their uniform they are more likely to take pride in their appearance, thus presenting a good image for the company.

4. Helps the business stand out & be memorable

Having an easily recognisable uniform, preferably with some sort of logo or branding visible on the garments, will increase the probability that consumers will remember your business. If your business is memorable, you are more likely to achieve sales & secure repeat business.

5. Free advertising

Stylish uniforms emblazoned with a clear logo can serve as an effective marketing tool for your business. According to a survey conducted at Suffolk University, 56.1% of respondents said that uniforms were more effective than internet advertising and 73.5% found them more effective than TV advertising. This is a huge return on a relatively small investment.

In you're interested in finding out more about Branding & Marketing for SME's check out our easy to follow guides below.

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