Attention deal hunters! If you're diving into the world of bulk orders then we've got some juicy discounts ready to roll.

Bulk Bonanza | Unleash the Savings

Ready to rack up the discounts? Any orders totalling $825 inc gst or more are in the running (you don’t need to be a business to get the savings).

Here's the scoop | Our bulk discounts are calculated based on the dollar value of all eligible goodies in your order. So, whether you're grabbing a bunch of the same stuff or mixing & matching different gear, the discount magic still happens.

Snag a Quick Quote via Email
No fuss, no muss – shoot us an email at Tell us the styles & the quantities that tickle your fancy. Got links to product pages? Easy peasy, paste them in, but no pressure if you don’t.
If branding's on your radar, attach your snazzy artwork as well. 

Our reply? Your very own, itemised, personalised quote.

Quote Request via the Webstore
Ready for some webstore magic? Toss all your must-haves into your cart & head over to checkout. Progress through the steps until you get to the payment stage. Look for the "Get a Quote" option. No need to flash your wallet just yet. Select “Get a Quote” & process your cart through for a personal quote from our customer service team.
If branding's required, don't forget to shoot your artwork over to 

Our reply? Your very own, itemised, personalised quote.

Don't need a quote? Don't need branding? Then you're good to go via the website.
Our website automatically calculates discounts for you based on our discount structure. So if you are just after unbranded items once you hit $825 the cart will start to rack up your discounts based on eligible items.

Side note | The majority of our products are eligible for discounts but there are a select number of brands / products that are not eligible for any further discount. When you load a product into your cart that isn't eligible, no discount will appear on that product. But if you have other products in your cart that are eligible the discount will be reflected on those products only.

Loyalty & Frequent Ordering Perks
If you're a frequent flyer in our order world, ask us about the lowdown on ongoing discounts.

Boost Your Brand
Got your eyes on brand builders & promo goodies? Discounts based on quantities are the name of the game with these items & they're all laid out on each product page. But hey, if your desired quantity isn't listed, we're all ears – just let us know what you’ve after & we’ll sort it out.

Brand It Up
Branding buffs, listen in! Different branding methods come with their own quantity based discounts. You can suss out our branding options here.