The Importance of Logos

The Importance of Logos

When it comes to the success of a business, the role that brand recognition plays cannot be underestimated.

Take the case of Nike - everything from their ‘Just Do It’ slogan to their swooshing tick logo have become key identifiers of the brand & immediately prompt us to think of their products questioning whether it may be time to pop into a store to pick up some new goodies.

But how can you work to effectively increase your brands’ recognition without launching massive ad campaigns that cost the earth?

The answer is simple - create a good logo & ensure consumers see it.

First impressions are key

Companies these days are locked in a battle against consumers short attention spans, which is why creating an enticing logo is so important. According to research from Optimal Targeting, people remember 80 percent of images, compared to only 20 percent of text, therefore using a logo can help your brand create a positive & memorable first impression.

Gain recognition

The most successful & well known companies around the world are almost all recognisable via their logo alone - think Apples’ fruit or McDonald's iconic golden arches. On the other hand, if a company's logo is poorly designed or doesn’t represent the business well, it can leave a negative impression in a consumer's head or simply be forgotten.

Create a basis for branding

Logo design is not only a huge part of overall company branding, but it can also help to kick start the process of creating a strong brand identity. Indeed, logos are usually one of the first steps in determining company colours, tone, fonts & overall brand feeling.

Communicate brand values

A well designed logo can be so much more than just nice colours printed in an aesthetically pleasing font. A company’s logo can indicate the company's core values, whether you want to be perceived as relaxed, fun, professional or authoritative - small tweaks in colours or angles can make all the difference.

Be consistent & dependable

Once you have a strong logo that represents your business well, it’s time to ensure your customers recognise it. By using the same logo across websites, social media, uniforms & equipment, you can create a strong & stable business identity, making you easily recognisable & memorable.

Inspire brand loyalty

Consumers that are loyal to brands will often use products that feature that companies logo, thus providing free advertising - if the logo is easily recognisable. For example, many customers of the car company BMW will wear apparel such as hats featuring the brands’ logo, prompting those around them to think of the company & simultaneously serving as a personal recommendation of the brands quality.

At House of Uniforms we offer a wide range of branding options to ensure your logo stays top of mind with your customers. 

If you've interested in learning more about branding, logos & marketing for SME's check out these handy guides.

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