What is a Vector file & why do I need one?

What is a Vector file & why do I need one?

What is a Vector file? And why do I need one?

A Vector file is essential in helping to achieve a great outcome for your branding. To understand what a vector file is & why you need one, check out the main points below.


A Vector file is scaleable, retaining clarity at any size.



A Vector file allows colours to be changed & backgrounds to be removed. 



A Vector file should include colour profiles to ensure consistency & accuracy of colour reproduction.



A Vector file allows isolated elements to be adjusted.



Other important points to note.

  • Vector files are generally created in graphic or CAD programs such as Adobe or Corel. They can not be created in word processing programs such as Word or Excel.
  • Vector files generally have the file extension .EPS. You can not simply change the extension of a file to .EPS to make it a Vector file.
  • Generally free online apps claiming to convert any artwork to a vector file do not work.
  • You should always ensure your graphic designer provides you with all versions of your artwork & logos in Vector format.
  • Unless your have the correct graphic design software you may not be able to open an EPS file.

Having your artwork saved as a Vector file is essential for ensuring that your artwork is scalable & remains consistent across all use cases.

If you are having trouble getting your artwork in Vector format let us know & we can arrange for a graphic artist to redraw your logo in the correct format. A small fee applies for this service.

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  • Selena Kemp