Guess what? We're one of the rare birds in the uniform game offering a huge showroom just for you. Swing by & check out our gear or even borrow some samples. But hey, remember, this isn't your typical shopping spree – it's a personalised session. So, you need to set up a time to make the magic happen.

Lock in a Showroom Date
Want in on the action? You have to book your spot, easy peasy, just do it online here.

We roll out the welcome mat by appointment only

We aren’t trying to be difficult but we need time to prepare to give you the best experience. That means we're checking out your branding, browsing your website, figuring out colours, shortlisting options & checking in with our production team for any special requests you might have, all long before you arrive.

Preparation is our secret ingredient & we want to make sure your visit is fruitful, so we need time to prep. And to make sure someone's around to give you the VIP treatment & be able to show you want you want to see.

Nitty-Gritty You Should Know
Here's the deal – we've got loads of samples, but not every piece in every size & colour. Our showroom flaunts over 3,000 of our star items, spanning sizes, styles & colours. If you've got your eye on something specific, give us a heads-up when you book your appointment. That way, we can make sure it's waiting for you or let you know if it isn't available. All before you arrive.

Remember, an appointment is your golden ticket into the showroom. Without one, it could lead to disappointment, since our schedule's usually jam-packed. If you show up without an appointment there's a high chance we won't be able to help you.

If you're hoping to pop in & buy something to take home on the day, sorry to say, our showroom is not a retail shop. Our stash hangs out in a central warehouse & not in our showroom. You can place orders over the counter but they will have to process through our usual pick and pack leadtimes.

Quick side note | you don't need an appointment if you're just picking up an order, grabbing pre-arranged samples, returning stuff or giving the green light to artwork samples.

Can't Visit the Showroom in Person?
Our non local business pals are in for a treat too. We offer a sample loan service for business, clubs & teams who can't make it into the showroom. Samples are hand selected from our showroom & delivered to your business for you to check out in the comfort of your own office.

Borrowing the Cool Stuff
There's a form you need to fill out to get in on the borrowing fun.
Reach out to us on for the lowdown on this form – it's got all the details.

About Our Samples in General
We've poured a lot of love (& cash) into our samples, but with the vast range at our fingertips, having everything on hand is a tough gig.

Lucky for you, we're always hunting down fresh gear & if it's a match made in style heaven, we'll likely add it to the showroom. If you're itching to see something we don't have, no sweat – we've got alternative options up our sleeve. Give us a shout, let's chat about what you're looking for & we'll help sort it out.

So, there you have it – the scoop on our Moorabbin Showroom. Let's make some uniform magic!