About James Harvest | The Brand

About James Harvest | The Brand

The James Harvest range provides a boutique collection of very high quality jackets, vests, shirts, polos & tee’s. Many of the styles in this range feature high cotton & 100% cotton garments.

What we ❤️  about the James Harvest range.

We love the James Harvest range for its selection of 100% cotton garments including business shirts, polos & tees.

Better still are their winter jackets. Loved so much that all House of Uniforms staff wear James Harvest jackets exclusively throughout the long Melbourne Winter!

The outdoor jackets & vests in particular provide excellent value for money given their very high quality.

The James Harvest collection is made up of several high quality sub brands reflecting different focuses within the company including Printer Active Wear, Beacon & Frost.

Experience shows that businesses & organisations that regard quality as an important element in their brand communication regularly choose items from the James Harvest collection for their branded apparel.

View the James Harvest range here.

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  • Selena Kemp