About Skechers | The Brand

About Skechers | The Brand

Offering a wide range of colours, sizes & style options, the Skechers Scrub brand is a popular choice for those wanting to create a strong brand identity for their business or for those just looking for well priced, comfortable scrubs.

What we ❤️  about Skechers Scrubs

We love the huge range of colour options that Skechers Scrubs provides. From classic colours like black a navy, to fun, fresh options like turquoise & eggplant, Skechers  Scrubs has you covered no matter which colour you need.

Skechers fabric features 4-way stretch & moisture wicking properties. Skechers endeavours to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using 7 recycled plastic bottles per garment.

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  • Allie Eastwood