About Toma | The Brand

About Toma | The Brand

A labour of ❤️  that’s how it's been since 1969...

If you're looking to outfit your team in truely outstanding uniforms then check out the Toma range of hospitality uniforms. Featuring an amazing collection of inspired designs, just waiting to find a home in your pub, club, bar, bistro or fine dining restaurant.

The Toma range is anything but boring, offering unique designs to ensure your business stays memorable to its patrons.

8 reasons to choose the Toma brand for your hospitality uniforms 

  1. 100% Made in Italy 🇮🇹  True Italian quality offering your hospitality business value & style, setting your business apart from the competition.
  2. Decades of history & experience in quality hospitality workwear.
  3. Innovation, spirit & dedication to research & development, ensuring your uniforms will always be on point.
  4. A complete & versatile product offering.
  5. Reliable products designed to deliver the best results in comfort, performance & durability.
  6. The best quality materials accurately & thoughtfully selected.
  7. A wide range of industries served : including hotels, fine dining, catering, bistros, cafes, healthcare, beauty.
  8. Close attention to both female & male design & style demands.

What's not to ❤️  about Toma!

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  • Selena Kemp