About CB Clothing | The Brand

About CB Clothing | The Brand

What we ❤️  about CB Clothing

All CB Clothing products are manufactured in Vietnam using Australian grown cotton. CB clothing products are endorsed by Cotton Australia & are committed to supporting the Australian Cotton farming industry.

Through research & development, CB Clothing found Australian Cotton was the only cotton that provided the stability needed for the garment industry.

Australian cotton is a true white cotton, that has an excellent reputation for quality & sustainability world-wide. Australian cotton is the most water efficient cotton industry in the world & has seen an 85% reduction in the use of herbicides & pesticides. Making it good for humans & the environment.

You can read more about Australian Grown cotton here

CB clothing does not use enzyme (acid) wash to make garments soft. The quality of the cotton means the need for enzyme’s is eliminated thus protecting the environment & humans during the dyeing process.

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