About Stedman | The Brand

About Stedman | The Brand

Since 1953, the Stedman clothing brand has stood for reliable product quality, excellent value for money & ethically responsible manufacturing conditions. The collection includes a wide range of products for men, women & children. Offering simple T-shirts & sweatshirts in popular colours through to functional sports & versatile outdoor clothing. 

What we ❤️  about Stedman Clothing

We love the Steadman sports & outdoor lines featuring trendy styles ranging from functional T-shirts made with moisture-wicking ACTIVE-DRY fabric & casual Sweat Hoodies up to lightweight, breathable Fleece products. 

Stedman's development department is constantly in touch with the market, researching important new advances & innovations in the areas of materials, colours, shapes, forms & cuts. Picking up on the latest trends in the retail sector & tailoring them to the promotional & uniform segment.

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  • Allie Eastwood