5 Reasons to Invest in Promotional Products

5 Reasons to Invest in Promotional Products

The benefits of promotional products :
5 reasons why your business should invest in them.

Ever thought about investing in promotional products for your business, but then backed out due to uncertainty concerning output versus return?

Well, it turns out there is no need to worry. Promotional products are actually an extremely effective marketing tool for businesses both small & large - but you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Here are five proven ways your business will benefit from using promotional products:

1. Low cost but effective marketing

Promotional products are often created for mass distribution & therefore often have a low price point. However, this low cost does not have a negative effect on the customer's perception. In fact, even the gifting of a branded pen to a customer - a feat that can be achieved at minimal cost, could be the thing that wins them over.

According to a study conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 85 percent of consumers will end up doing business with a company that gifted them a promotional product.

2. Instant brand recognition

There is no overestimating the importance of brand recognition, hear about the ‘golden arches’ & you think of McDonalds, see that swooping tick or the phrase ‘just do it’ & your mind is instantly diverted to Nike.

Having a brand that is well known & easily recognisable ensures that consumers will think of you first when in need of a product or service that you provide. It will also increase the likelihood that that consumer will choose you, as people are generally more inclined to buy from a brand they already know or recognise.

By gifting promotional items that include your brand name & logo, you are familiarising potential consumers with your company. This means that when it comes time to do business, you’ll be top of mind.

That same PPAI study revealed that 89 percent of consumers who had received a promotional product could recall the advertiser or company name for 24 months after receiving the item.

3. Greater business exposure

When you think of TV or billboard advertisements it's likely you’ll actually remember the content of few & far between - after those 30 seconds of exposure, the brands is forced back into the recesses of your memory.

However, when using promotional products to market your brand, especially ones that are likely to be kept & reused, such as mugs, pens, key rings etc. you are essentially providing a consumer with an advert that they will exposed to on a continuous basis.

4. Essentially works as a business card (that people are actually going to keep)

How many business cards have you been given that have ended up in the recycling bin?

Business cards are an important tool in introducing your company & its’ products to customers, however, this function can be fulfilled effectively & with a higher return through using promotional products.

Promotional giveaways have your branding & some contact information, just as business cards do, however communicating this information is not the products sole function, meaning that they are likely to be kept, used & viewed regularly.

The long lasting exposure these products provide should not be underestimated, indeed of the consumers surveyed in the PPAI 58 percent said that they would keep promotional gift items from one to four years.

5. Encourages customer loyalty

There’s no denying it - people like getting free stuff. Regardless of the size or price of your promotional product, when it is gifted, the consumer will feel as though they have received special treatment.

Having said this, do try to avoid gifting low-quality products that are bound to break quickly as people tend to relate the quality of the gift item with the quality of the business & if the item is broken, your advertisement will quickly end up in the bin.

Promotional products not only increase the chance of business with those they are gifted to, but customers who are satisfied with their gift also provide an impressive 500 percent more referrals than those who don’t receive a gift, according to the PPAI study.

So, why wait? Investing in promotional products today & reap the benefits tomorrow.

Start your search for premium promotional products here & start building your brand.

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