Nail your logo design the first time

Nail your logo design the first time

5 tips for getting it right

Creating the perfect logo can do wonders for your brand recognition & subsequently its success.

Nail your logo design the right first time around to ensure it remains consistent & professional across all mediums for years to come. As well as saving you money on hiring graphic designers & branding setup fees.

Here are just a few of our tips:

1. Simplicity is key

When it comes to brand logos, the simpler the better. Think of some of the most famous & recognisable logos in the world, Nike's swoosh tick, McDonalds golden arches - simplicity at its finest.

Sticking to simple & easy to read fonts, 3 colours or less with no gradients or fade outs & minimal fine lines & details will usually produce the best & most memorable result. Logos that are too complicated look cluttered & unprofessional.

2. Carefully select your colours

When choosing your pantone colours, we recommend selecting your shades from a book rather than from colour swatches online as there are often colour variations over different devices & monitors which could cause inaccuracy in your selection.   

You will also have to consider potential background colour variations - for example, if your logo is dark in colour but you have black garments or merchandise that you want to brand with your logo, you’ll need to have some lighter colour options for your logo so that it is visible on your items. We do not recommend using background fills behind your logo to make it visible this option doesn’t reproduce well, looks unprofessional & will in most instances increase your branding costs.   

3. Make sure it’s in the correct format

Whether you are creating your logo yourself or hiring a designer to make it for you, ensure it is produced as a vector file in EPS or AI format with all fonts created to outlines. This is necessary for your logo to be reproduced accurately & consistently, regardless of the medium.

4. Ensure it can be replicated over a variety of mediums

To ensure your logo becomes synonymous with your brand & is easily recognisable, it must remain consistent over all mediums including garments & merchandise. Therefore, it’s important to create a logo that will look good in a variety of sizes & colours. This is again where simplicity comes in handy as anything too complicated may not be able to be reproduced on small items such as pens.

5. Get a physical sample

While the logo you’ve come up with may look amazing on a computer screen, that does not necessarily mean it will look good in real life.

Find a supplier that will provide you with a physical sample of your branding on a piece of fabric before you proceed to brand all of your garments. This way if your logo does not reproduce well you can make alterations before production commences so that your garments are not branded with a sub-par logo.

If you're after more information on branding & marketing for SME's check out our easy to follow guides at the link below

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