Eco Thread Collection | Coffee Charcoal Fabric

Eco Thread Collection | Coffee Charcoal Fabric

The Kahve Coffee Charcoal polo by Stencil is crafted from a yarn 🪡  made from coffee ☕️. grounds fused with polymers. This unique Eco-Friendly yarn offers

  • Excellent natural anti-odour qualities for the life of the garment
  • Soft feel against the skin
  • Quick drying time
  • 50+ UV ray protection
  • 30% Coffee Charcoal / 70% Cationic Polyester

The development of this new Eco-Friendly fibre is innovative & better for the industry taking into consideration both social & environmental impacts. 

The fabric outer is a modified polyester Cationic dyeable yarn which is a highly durable & breathable fabric. The Cationic dyeing process : 

  • Gives the polyester a stronger anti-pilling performance
  • Higher fade resistance
  • Better natural elasticity
  • Less emissions than traditional dyeing methods
  • Uses less water & lower temperatures

The cationic dye also shields 🛡 the carbonated coffee built within the Coffee Charcoal fabric from sunlight thus reducing heat storage & enhancing breathability for maximum comfort.

Click here to see the Kahve Polo.

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  • Selena Kemp