Ice Cool Fabric

Ice Cool Fabric

Lightweight & Cool ❄️

Specifically designed for the Australian 🇦🇺  climate. Ice Cool by Stencil takes comfort to a new level. Lightweight, breathable & ever so cool 🥶 , the Ice Cool fabric weave allows natural airflow to the skin. Creating an ideal temperature 🌡  for the wearer, ensuring comfort in hot ☀️  & humid climates.

Body Cooling Technology

The cooling ❄️  function of Ice Cool technology responds to body heat. Cooling is activated by rising 🥵  body temperature & deactivated once cooling is complete.

Ensuring maximum comfort & performance. Cooling is aided further by Ice Cool moisture wicking qualities. Excess heat is drawn away from the skin & to the surface of the shirt 👕.  This discreet & quick evaporation process minimises sweating 💦  & allows the body temperature to reduce.

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  • Selena Kemp