Nano Gear Fabric

Nano Gear Fabric

Nano Gear Fabric

What sets Nano-Gear fabric apart from Cool Dry or other high-tech, high-performance fabric 👔  is it's uncommonly high degree of stain & wear resistance. Making it an ideal choice for the Hospitality industry as well as the Health & Aged Care industries.

While other high-performance fabrics may wick moisture 💦  away from the wearer, Nano Gear by Stencil actively repels moisture from its surface.  Even red wine🍷  & soy sauce are no match for Nano gear. Rather than being absorbed the fabric simply repels spills from the surface.

This action helps protect ⛑  the fabric from a multitude of stains, as they fail to find a foothold in the surface of the fabric. 

However stain resistance isn't much use if the fabric is uncomfortable to wear. But Nano Gear fabrics are made from high-grade breathable cottons as well as poly-cotton blends, making them even more comfortable to wear than other high-performance fabrics & better looking too.

Because being stain free doesn't count for much if your shirt looks crumpled & tired, Nano Gear further proves its versatility & performance value🥇 once again. The nano-treated cotton doesn't behave like an ordinary natural fabric, offering a greater resistance to wrinkling & creasing as well as being easier to iron than untreated cotton.

So it's ticks ✅  all around for Nano Gear.

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  • Selena Kemp