New Spandex Stretch Collection With Pro-Tek | Greys Anatomy

New Spandex Stretch Collection With Pro-Tek | Greys Anatomy

Introducing Pro-Tek & the Greys Anatomy Spandex Stretch Collection.

Commencing from the start of 2022 the Barco group of scrub brands will be incorporating Pro-Tek finishing on new products. Starting with the release of the new Spandex Stretch Collection by Grey's Anatomy.

Made to Move Greys Anatomy Spandex Stretch Collection

How does Pro-Tek Technology Work?

Pro-Tek is a zinc ion based protective finishing treatment that is applied to garments. Used for centuries, Zinc acts as an antimicrobial agent. The zinc ions adhere to fabric surfaces & when undesirable bacteria come into contact with the Pro-Tek finish, the growth of the bacteria is disrupted & reduced.

Zinc-based additives are broad-spectrum antimicrobials. This means they are effective in adding another level of antimicrobial defence not only against bacteria, but also in the fight against mould, mildew & algae.

  • Zinc is a bio-safe mineral, non-toxic to human cells, but toxic to bacteria.
  • Zinc’s distinct antimicrobial properties interrupt the bacterial food chain & inhibit the cell division of microorganisms.

What are the benefits of Pro-Tek?

Pro-Tek promotes the following :

  • Fungicidal & bactericidal properties for protective textile finishes
  • Protection against unpleasant odour build-up
  • Freshness for hours

The Barco Group has incorporated The Rudolf Group’s RUCO-BAC ZPY* technology into Pro-Tek treated fabrics. RUCO-BAC ZPY is an antimicrobial protective finish especially suitable for intimate-contact textiles. Offering the following benefits;

  • fungicidal & bactericidal properties for protective textile finishes
  • interrupts the food-chain of microorganisms
  • wash-resistant
  • registered on the Oeko-Tex list
  • blue sign approved
  • EPA registered (*EPA = Environmental Protection Agency, USA)

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