Silver Tech Fabric Range

Silver Tech Fabric Range


A blend of yarn treated Cool Dry & nano-scale silver technology. Silver Tech by Stencil takes the feeling of fresh to a new level by fightingĀ šŸ„ŠĀ  odour from inside each thread of the fabricĀ šŸ‘• . This nano-scale yarn treatment does not wash out. Keeping you fresher for longer.

Rather than applying a chemicalĀ šŸ§ŖĀ  treatment to finished fabric, nano-scale silver is applied to raw yarnĀ šŸ§¶Ā  before the cloth is woven. This allows the anti-odour characteristics to permeate deep inside each thread.

While many anti-bacterialĀ šŸ¦ Ā  & anti-odour treatments diminish over time, Silver Tech retains it's anti-odour characteristics for the life of the garment!


As SilverĀ Tech is yarn-treatedĀ šŸ§¶Ā  no chemical coating is applied to the fabric. Silver Tech maintains its open weave, breathing like cottonĀ & ensuring comfort & breathability in the warmest ā˜€ļøĀ  of weather.

Silver Tech is extremely soft & light with a silky finish. While still drawing heatĀ šŸ„µfrom the wearer, the fabric retains a 'clean' feeling, even after extended wear.

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  • Selena Kemp