What is DuPont Sorona?

What is DuPont Sorona?

DuPont Sorona is an eco-efficient fibre blended with plant based fibres. The unique molecular structure of the Sorona fibres make it ideal for a wide range of apparel applications. Sorona fibres can be used on their own or blended with other synthetic or natural fibres to deliver a wide range of benefits to the consumer & the environment.

Sorona is 37% plant based (corn) & requires 30% less energy to produce compared to non renewable nylon fibres.

Sorona production starts at the harvesting stage. After the sugar or glucose is extracted from the crop, microorganisms are added to the fermentation process. Much like in the production of alcohol & other fermented beverages. The natural fermentation process replaces the need for chemical input. 

Once the fermentation process is complete a molecular bond is created. The result is the high performance fibre, Sorona.

Sorona fabric is recyclable & shares many similar properties to spandex. However the manufacturing process for Sorona is much more efficient & produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions. Due to Sorona’s zig zag molecular construction it always bounces back to its original shape. Making Sorona a great alternative for activewear. Compared to Spandex which starts to break down when exposed to heat, UV light & Chlorine. Sorona offers consistent shape recovery. 

Sorona also offers a higher level of softness compared to Spandex - it doesn’t need to be blended with other fibres to create the soft feel. It also holds colour very well & dries twice as fast as Spandex. 

The main benefits for the consumer are seen over the life of the garments as Sorona based fabrics maintain a high level of stretch, recovery & colour fastness wash after wash.

Sorona is lightweight & breathable, a great insulator for outwear jackets, moisture wicking & quick drying, wrinkle & fade resistant.

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  • Selena Kemp