How Uniforms Can Help Your Hospitality Business

How Uniforms Can Help Your Hospitality Business

How easy is it for customers to identify staff members in your business? If it isn't easy you've undoubtedly lost business.

What’s the first thing most customers do when they set foot in a cafe, restaurant or bar? They look for a staff member to help them.

If that person is in a clearly defined uniform the customer will have no problem locating help & getting their order underway.

But, what if none of the staff are wearing uniforms? Customers will struggle to locate staff members & engage your services. Resulting in orders not coming in quickly & in some instances not at all. The customer experience suffers & you will most likely lose sales as a result.

Uniforms don’t have to be fancy or restrictive to be effective. Uniforms can be whatever you want them to be - they might consist of formal attire such as button down shirts & corporate trousers, or they may be casual t-shirts printed with your business logo.

Whatever your uniform, in order to keep your business running without a hitch, you should consider function as well as aesthetics.

For example, when outfitting wait staff, one of the most important functional aspects of the uniform is the apron. As well as keeping their clothes clean, having aprons with pockets allows staff to carry any tools they may need such as notepads, pens, ipads or electronic ordering devices. Having all of these items available at a moments notice will help staff serve customers quickly & reduce time spent running back & forth.

Getting the chefs uniforms right is also essential to keep things running smoothly. Chefs jackets with long sleeves also serve a safety function by helping to reduce the risk of burns. Non-slip safety shoes are also important incase of spills that can cause falls & injury.

Avoiding injury in the kitchen is crucial as disruptions can result in slow service which can have all manner of repercussions including frustrated wait staff, unhappy customers & slower customer turnaround times.

Make sure everything runs seamlessly in your hospitality business with professional uniforms for the whole team. Contact us today to find out how House of Uniforms can help your brand thrive!

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